`~~ about.missvonniee ~~`

holla ..

i wanna tell you something about me, my school and my friends . check it out ;P

my full name is –theresia.angelina.vonny.apriyanti– i was born at tangerang.19.april.1995 . now, i’m studying in DAMAI.junior.high.school ~ grade 9B .

em, now i’ll tell you about my school — maybe not many people know about my school, because it’s not on the highway . but as long as i school there, so much interesting experiences that i got there B-)

then, i’ll tell you about my friends — from the first time i school in DAMAI is from kindergarten, so now i have so many friends 😀 . but, even so, i also lost my friends who change schools, instead, I got a new friend who moved the school to DAMAI 😉 . i was very pleased when the 8th grade, although still somewhat foreign to each other, it makes me more want to know each other . honest, when i was grade 7C, i’m just close to christine and sylvia . i knew that, maybe because we are from the same class? i don’t know . at grade 8, i’m close to steven, diana, martin, andy, sylvia, christine, dody, stephen, rio, sanny . at grade 8B, in the class me, diana, steven, martin, andy are close, but me and diana likes to idly martin and steven . hahaha, it’s really fun ;P . now, i close with diana, dessy and christine . sylvia and sanny now be moved away . i feel not so close to dody, rio and stephen, maybe because we’re not in the same class? i don’t know why, but when we’re at grade 8, we also not in the same class.but we’re close each other >.<” . i’m sad about that, so sick it’s like when a friend who was very close but, feel very far, it makes me dissapointed 😦 . but, i must be positive thinking !! vonny, it’s not good always negative thingking with each-other !! okay, forget that . now, i feel the same way with steven, martin, especially dario . i don’t know it’s just me feeling or the thruth, but he always show that he hate me . it’s because my body or what ?? honest, i didn’t really care about it . just forget it, in my opinion . if someone is go far away from me, i always think people in this world is not just you, so i can find someone who can and will all of me whenever it’s bad or good, because nobody’s perfect, right? honest, at grade 9, i was more sad than happy . i wish will come the day that can make me always happy ^^ . wish it’ll come true soon !!  fiuuh (tired-mode.on-)
for the readers, thanks for visit my site and thanks for reading –about.missvonniee– ^^


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